Borderless Competition – 1rst prize

Floating Border Project takes place at the limit between Cambodia and Thailand, on the Preah Vihear Temple site. This wonderful protected area is both coveted by the two countries. Thailand claims a frontier that contradicts the UNO frontier which is increasing a conflict in this area.

The project is an installation in order to create a moving border. The limit of each state is the shadow of the floating border. The shaded frontier is moving throughout hours, days and seasons.

The installation is composed of an inflatable structure which is turning into balloons cloud upon the Temple. These balloons calculate the weather forecast, wind and luminosity. During bad weather, the limit on the ground disappears and the aerial structure lights up to become a signal seen by the both two countries.

The floating border is a universal message saying that all limits are temporary and can be removed as fast as they can be built. This new kind of border is not physical on the ground and limit is pass-through. The crossing is porous and preserve an accepted liberty of traffic. Cambodia and Thailand surfaces are also changing depending of the shaded frontier, sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller, sometimes divided, sometimes united. The Temple is rooted on the cliff but all is moving around, Preah Vihear Temple is now a landmark for peace and affirm this new territory of union.

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